OVAJ NESTVARNI PODHVAT ZA NJU JE BIO MAČJI KAŠALJ Žena oborila svjetski rekord: Držala je plank više od četiri sata

03. 09. 2019 - 20:02 | Ostali sportovi

Držanje planka za većinu ljudi je jedan od najvećih izazova s kojima su se ikad suočili, ali ne i za Danu Glowacku, koja je postavila novi svjetski rekord. Plank je držala čak četiri sata i 20 minuta, u sklopu Prvog međunarodnog plank treninga. 

Prethodni rekord u držanju planka iznosio je tri sata i 30 minuta, a Dana je uspjela postići bolji rezultat. Iako joj se tijelo treslo, za nju je ovaj pothvat bio mačji kašalj.


"Dan's son found this record in a Guinness World Records book and told her she could do it. She attempted the record for him so her son would be proud of her and learn that if you stay committed to what you want everything is possible." - The GWR for the Longest time in an abdominal Plank position ( female ) is 4 hr 19 min and 55 sec. My son inspired me to take on this challenge. I dedicated this record to my son Ralph, who told me that I can do it, he gives me the motivation to keep going. Ralph, if your mama can, so you can too! Always believe in yourself, reach the top to attract anything you want. Your strength of mind and determination can help you to achieve whatever it is that you truly want from your life. Most of all, never give up! A special thank you to GWR for this beautiful video that everyone can watch the rest of it on the GWR FB website. Now, get your GWR book 2020 and challenge yourself! #officiallyamazing #guinnessworldrecords #plankworldrecord #danaglowacka #plankgirl #believeinyourself #strongwomen #veganstrong #loveyoga #stronghealthyhappy

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Ready to go... / "When you are in plank pose for so many hours...what about your hydration? How do you consume fluids ...?" / I start to hydrated very well weeks before. I don't drink water 2 hours before I plank and never have problems. You train your body for this kind of endurance. When you hydrated your body on a baseline day your body is hydrated enough to keep going for hours. Learn by yourself what works for you. You have the ability to adapt. It is a process to build up. Train yourself step by step to the next level. #feelstrong #staystrong #thestartingline #plankworldrecord #danaglowacka #bodymindconnection #moveyourbodymoveyourmind #worldrecordholder #believeinyourself

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" The main question is there. Why? What was the drive behind this?" - There is a story plank. My son found the plank pose in Guinness World Record book. He shows me the picture and told me that I can do it! And since 4 years I plank. It's not about the WR Plank, it's all about that we can achieve anything we want, it will transform us to believe that anything is possible. Plank takes time to build up that mind/body endurance like any other exercise but with practice it becomes easier. - What drive behind this? I wanted so much to make my son proud of his mom. Find yours: What > How > Why...that will keep you going... And no matter what anyone tells you, don't give! #staystrong #moveyourbodymoveyourmind #justbe #feelstrong #anythingispossible #believeinyourself #bodymindconnection #longestabdominalplank #abdominalplanks #enduranceathlete #plankworldrecord #danaglowacka #loveyoga #makesmefeelalive

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Dana je inače fitness entuzijastica koja uživa uz jogu i plank. U izazovu se okušala zahvaljujući bratu koji je putovao 24 sata samo da bi je mogao podržati.